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It’s only 9:40 in the morning, and I can barely stay awake. The time change this weekend has really screwed up my sleep pattern. I was so not ready for the alarm to go off this morning. Ugh.

We had a lovely weekend. Friday night we stayed in and watched Chicken Little. It was OK. Not the animated masterpiece I was hoping for, but still funny. Saturday we did some spring-cleaning. Andy was in charge of the living room. He did a pretty good job; he even vacuumed under the couches. Progress.

We met Linda (Andy’s Mom) at Cinemagic in Portland in the afternoon. We planned on watching Ice Age II and then going out to dinner, but the theater was so packed we opted to go out for lunch first and then catch a later showing. We took her to Eggspectations, and she loved it! I can’t get enough of that place. It is a little overpriced though. I paid $10 for eggs, ham & French toast. Ouch.

We did end up watching Ice Age II, around 5pm. The movie was pretty good. They did use two “swear” words so that was a little distressing. I wouldn’t let my kid watch it that is for sure. It’s too bad that even a Disney movie is corrupt with words of this world. Blah.

*Christian Review of Ice Age II*

As far as the weather goes, the weekend was beautiful. We spent a lot of time outside with the dog. She loves it outside. We have a long tie out for her, but she whines if we leave her alone, so Andy sat out there in the sun with her for a while. We also have discovered that we have ducks and ducklings in our little pond! They are so cute. We are only able to see them with binoculars though, because they hiss at us if we get to close. That doesn’t stop Molly from trying though J

We ended up missing church yesterday because of the time change. We got up, showered and started walking to the garage when we realized we forgot to set the clocks ahead. How annoying. We did take advantage of the beautiful day though by taking the dog to the beach. It was a nice day for that, but boy was I tired when we got home! I have to get used to all this fresh air. We all took a mini nap on the bed in the spare bedroom. The dog passed out within seconds, but Andy and I listed to the peepers in our pond. Peepers are baby frogs, we have about 1 billion of them, and I love every one of them. We didn’t have those sounds in the city, and they remind me of my grandparents house when I was little. They live way out in the country. How fun.

This week is going to be great. It’s a four-day week for me (I work 4-5 days per week, every other Friday), and my boss is out of town today and tomorrow, so it will be really easy days. Woohoo!

Andy’s brother and sister-in-law announced they are having their first baby in November. This is the first grandchild on the Wheeler side. How exciting! We are trying to find them a cool baby gift. Any ideas?

Well I’m off to clip coupons. Check out Boodle!

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At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boodle looks really cool, but they don't have a link to any North Country locations.

I got a trial issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray today and thought of you. It looks pretty good - lots of spring party ideas and stuff.

don't know if I could pay 10 bucks for eggs... but I hate eggs, so I don't know that I'd choose that restaurant anyway. Glad to hear you've found a place you like, though!


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