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Wedding Collage, check.

Ok, so I couldn't choose between the 6 I enlarged all of them.

Enlarging was quite a process. I took them to Wal-mart, only to be told that I was not allowed to purchase them. Yes that's right, not allowed. Last Thursday, I burned the 6 black and white pictures I couldn't decide between onto a disk and dropped them off at the photo center at Wal-Mart. I was sinfully happy at the thought of getting two things done at once as our Wal-Mart is also a grocery store. Exactly one hour later I had a grocery cart heaping full and I returned to the photo center to pick up my prints. I was confronted by the photo manager as soon as I said “pickup for Wheeler”. Apparently they are not allowed to print any photos that “appear professional” due to copyright laws. I questioned what constitutes photos as “professional” and the man retorted rather sharply any photo that is taken by a photographer. Okay this is the part where I should have just walked away…. I announced victoriously that a professional photographer did not take these photos, that it in fact was a family member. Problem solved. Give me my photos! (which by the way were already printed – I got to see them first, before they told me I could not buy them).

Well Leroy (the man behind the counter) was not about to budge. Since I had no proof my photos were not taken by a professional photographer (although don’t professionals have watermarks in the photo that prevent reproduction?) he was not about to “risk being fired” by letting me purchase what to him appeared to be copyrighted photos. Sigh.

It may have been the long week I just had endured, it might have been PMS, it might have been because the Weight Watchers ice cream in perfect proportioned cartons I was about to purchase was melting in my overloaded cart…It might have been a lot of things, but I felt defeated. So I began to sob. In Wal-Mart. Leroy, being a seasoned Wal-Mart photo center manager took my tears in stride as if he saw that sort of thing everyday. With compassion he shredded the 6 photos I wasn't allowed to purchase and I left, crying.

I called Andy when I got to the car. I was soaking wet from tears and rain (it ALWAYS rains when I go grocery shopping). He listened to me sob, and suggested I try Target.

Ah, Target. The Land of Promise. As you can see below...Target delieverd. Earl the nice gentlman behind the counter at Target not only printed my 6 pictures, but did it in 1/2 an hour and gave me a coupon. Target good.

I also bought these at Target. We consolidated down to one dresser so I've been on the hunt for cute linen bins. I found these! Cute, right?

posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 3/29/2007 10:19:00 AM,


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous brietta said...

I will have to try Target sometime. We had a church friend take our photos, and he warned that many places won't make copies because the "look" professional. He was fine with us making as many copies as we wanted, but wasn't sure we'd be able to. I tried to make copies at WalMart to find out he was right.

Apparently they're just hard to work with!!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Kelly O. said...

That is ridiculous! If they were taken by a family member, you'll never be able to provide Mr. Wal Mart Photo Manager with the proof he requires. That is a catch 22! (And I can't believe he didn't fall for the crying - I totally would have...) :) Hooray for Target!

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Jill said...

I've had the same problem with Walmart. BTW, the photos are lovely.


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