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Lazy Friday

:: So we ended up watching all two hours of the National Spelling Bee last night. I was actually really got into it by the end. I am however, the worst speller in the world. On print and in my head. Can anyone explain to me what "zed" is? I thought the Canadian spelled the last word right, but said "zed" instead of "zee". Thoughts?

:: My sister Erin sent me a big package of old pictures today. She and I are working on a scrapbook for my Mom's 50th. Here are a few of my favorite:
(here are the rest if you're really bored!)

Baby Amanda @ 4.5 months
My Mom saved this outfit for me all these years.

Me at 2 1/2 in a dress my Mom made.
She made most of our clothing up until age 12.

My Mom and I at Christmas
She made almost all the ornaments on that tree.

My first Communion
Granted, not significant spiritually - but a great memory.
This was after all the first time I was allowed to wear "high heals" (1/2 inch)

So cool at 10.
Note the tight rolled jeans, blazer and of course, the bangle.
I loved the 80's deeply.

posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 6/01/2007 12:49:00 PM,


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous brietta said...

I recently had an eduction about "zed" vs. "zee" when I ordered tickets for the team traveling to Spain this summer directly from British Airways. When I had to speak my code into the phone to access account information, I kept getting it wrong until someone (can't remember who) finally clued me in that they say "zed" instead of "zee" for the letter Z. Weird, huh? I never knew that!!

(By the way, when I see how well other people can sew, crochet, quilt, etc., I feel like the least "handy" person on the planet. Ugh!)

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Great pictures, what a blessing for your mother to have them in a scrapbook.
I couldn't get through more than the first hour of the Spelling Bee. Yes, I did know that zed was "z". (maybe because we lived so close to Canada)
I used to make all Susan and Jon's clothes when they were young. I still sew when I "need" to but not like I used to. Curtains, etc.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Angela said...

Tight-rolled jeans *shudder* . . . I loved the 80's for its carefree times of childhood, not for its fashions! =)

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

I love all the pictures. So sweet! Oh, I remember that look from the 80s all too well. LOL! It's fun to look back at yourself, especially the things you wore in the past.


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