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Hodge Podge

:: Starting tomorrow I have five glorious days off. It couldn’t have come at a better time either. This morning I checked my e-mail at work and had 36 new messages – wow! Today is going to be a long day!

:: I really enjoyed the finale last night. I will be really surprised if she doesn’t win. The singing wasn’t as good as years past, but Randy’s outfit was worth the watch (did he get confused and think he was Michael Jackson?). It was also fun to watch Paula drool on herself. She must have been on pain killers due to her stumble. Never a dull moment on AI.

:: I had a long chat with my Mom yesterday. Her surgery hasn’t slowed her down at all. She’s working on the flower girl dresses for my sister Katie’s wedding in August. I’ll have to post them when she’s done. She is a fabulous seamstress. I can appreciate that now. Like Laura Ingalls when I was growing up I wanted “bought” clothes like Nellie Olson.

:: Andy’s birthday is coming up and he really wants to buy a new boat motor for the boat we inherited from his Grandfather. The boat came with a motor, but it doesn’t work. Last summer I watched him fiddle with it everyday until the season slipped away from us. I would love it if we could get the boat going for this summer, but do you have any idea how much a new motor costs?!? I had NO idea – but its several thousand dollars. He may have to settle for some new polo shirts!

:: I LOVE their song Anthem, and their whole new album. I'm trying to talk Andy into going to the Generation Rising Tour this weekend!

I just ordered: Kiss the Girls and made them Cry. It came highly recommended from several different people. I hope to use the main points during our purity unit for Youth Group. Are there any other books that are a must read on that subject?

posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 5/23/2007 08:38:00 AM,


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Angela said...

I too can appreciate a seamstress. They have a skill I was never taught, and at times long for. I also relate to the inbox full of e-mails, mine totals 28 right now. Maybe during nap time I can knock some of those off! (And respond to your question while I'm at it!)


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