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Life on Fast Forward

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:: I am so happy to report that my Dad is doing much better. Thank you for all of your prayers and concern. The doctors couldn't find anything that would have caused this to happen (no high blood pressure or high cholesterol), so they have concluded that he had a very severe form of heat stroke due to a combination of vigorous exercise and dehydration. Let's leave the 3 hour games of tennis up to Andre Agassi, ok Dad?

:: In other news - Len Libby's now serves ice cream (this will only be exciting if you live in Maine)! We took the youth group there last Friday. I'm never one to discriminate, especially when we're talking about ice cream, but I must say I was unimpressed. How anyone can screw up peanut butter cup ice cream - I will never know. The 17oo pound solid chocolate moose was the highlight of the trip though. Check out Lenny and his chocolate bear friends. Delicious (Well, perhaps delicious 10 years ago. Can you image what must be crawling on that thing by now...oh yuck).

:: We were in Borders over the weekend (I'm a card carrying member) to get a few gifts for friends that are expecting (is everyone pregnant?). We got Blueberries for Sal, a classic story set in Maine of all places, for our friends The Wongs. They are Californians that have been transplanted to Maine for a 1-year residency. To their delight the residency is complete and they are headed back to sunny California this week just in time for their new arrival. We will miss them and their wonton making abilities.

:: Andy and I are in such demand these days that after the party for The Wongs we met our friends Ben and Sarah at Eggspectations. Ben and Sarah are our good friends from MA. They are also expecting so we got them a book for the new baby called :The Wicked Big Toddlah. The author was in Borders doing a book signing and we saw it and loved it. It's was so funny we bought a copy for ourselves. Obviously the author is from Maine, and he writes with a traditional Maine accent....lumbah, Beans, etc. All the vehicles in the book including bicycles and motorcycles have snowplows on them even though the story takes place in the summer. It's SO funny.

:: This past Sunday we finally got a chance to properly celebrate Andy's birthday. His mom and dad came down for a cookout and lobster. I made peach cobbler or cinnamon peach cobbler as it should be named. I believe I added 1 TBSP instead of 1 TSP. Whoops.

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posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 6/19/2007 06:25:00 PM,


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Aunt JB said...

Totally off the subject... are you able to get into the Xanga world today? I have gotten a "can't find that page" message every time I have tried to log into anyone's acct. I'll check back into your blogger acct.
Thanks! Aunt JB

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Kelly O. said...

Hi! Checking in from just north of nowhere. ;) First, I am SO GLAD your dad is doing better. Heat stroke is bad but better than regular stroke. Second, I must now own Wicked Big Toddlah. Third, I did that once with a pumpkin pie (add 1 TBSP vs. 1 TSP of cinnamon). I cried and then re-named it cinnapumpkin pie and it was all good. (I also added sweetened condensed milk once rather than evaporated - there's a difference!)


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