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Mom and Keith came up for a visit this past weekend. They braved Saturday traffic on the way to Maine. It wasn't pretty! Keith was all out of sorts upon arrival. They aren't used to the volume of people we have around here.
Saturday we took the folks to Old Orchard Beach. The water was freezing! The waves were good though; if you could stand not feeling your legs. Mom didn't last too long in that kind of water.

They brought up steak and “Croghan” bologna from Eddie's (A meat market we love in NNY). Mom and I grilled that up while Keith and Andy worked on the boat. They tried to get Andy's old motor to work with no avail.
Sunday we all went to church at Portland Rock. Mom and Keith really seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately Pastor Eric didn’t preach this week, I was hoping they could hear him; he’s a great speaker. Next time.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Freeport. Andy and Keith walked the trails of Wolff Neck Park and Mom and I hit the outlet stores, hard. We found some great deals at the L.L. Bean outlet store, Lenox and Gap. It was so fun to have someone to shop with. We met Linda (Andy’s Mom) for dinner at Crickets. The meal was OK. Not the best by any means!

Monday Mom and I went shopping in the morning, while the boys continued to work on the boat. Then we all went to Portland Headlight. Molly got to go this time. She was pleased. It was such a beautiful day. Mom and Keith really enjoyed it. On the way home we stopped and got lobsters for dinner.

Tuesday Andy and Keith went fishing and Mom and I went to the Fabric store. How exciting. Mom got some great fabric (hours later) to reupholster her chair and to make curtains. By the time we got back the boys were back from fishing so we all got ready to go back to the beach. The water had warmed up considerably since the last time we are there, but the waves weren’t as good. We still had a good time though. Tuesday night Mom and Keith treated us to a nice dinner at Bugaboo Creek Steak House.

Wednesday they left for home. Molly whined and whined. She really got used to them being here. Andy went back to work, and I went into the office in the morning. Back to reality. Wednesday afternoon I had a 2nd interview at church for the Administrator position. I will know on Monday.

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At 10:13 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Sounds and looks (from the pix) like you had a great time when your mom was up.
Oh, I have wanted for a very long time to go to the LLBean outlet store.
Keep us posted on the job.....are there others up for it also?


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