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Peep, peep!

Spring is finally here. Andy and I layed down to sleep yesterday morning and heard for the first time this year...peep, peep, peep! The peepers are back. Hurray!

We went to sleep yesterday morning because we had the youth group lock-in Friday night. It was probably not the wisest move on my part to stay up all night after having pneumonia, but we had a great time. My favorite activity was glow stick volleyball. Basically it's indoor volleyball at night. The glow sticks in the middle of the balloon are the only light in the room. It's wicked fun. I don't have any pictures of glow stick volleyball itself, because, well it was rather dark -but I did take some throughout the night. You can see them HERE.

Yesterday was a complete wash, so today I have to clean and go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on a Sunday is never a good idea.

posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 4/22/2007 12:02:00 PM,


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Aunt JB said...

My favorite game at our lock-ins, besides three hour long, hide and seek in the dark, was the indentify game. You may already know it. You split the group into two and have one group go into a room and shut the door. Hang a blanket up so that when the door is opened, the blanket is the door. Have one person from each team stand on either side of the blanket and then pull the blanket up, or down or to the side, whatever works the best. The person who says the other person's name first wins that round. It is very discombulating and you can blank on the names of your very dearest friends. The person who did not say the name correctly has to go into the other room. Whatever room gets all the people over to their side first wins. It is really fun and I want to go play it now. :)

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Linda said...

I am feeling better thanks but not back to my old self :-( Still coughing. I actually had a Z pack so you take antibiotic for 5 days and it stays in your system for 10. They gave me a refill as they thought I would need a second round. Guess when you get old, you just don't bounce back like you did when you were younger.
I applaud you for staying up all night after just having pneumonia.


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