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This and That

I had my first experience with Egg Beaters this morning. They come highly recommended because they are only 1 point. A chicken egg is two points not including any spray/butter you use to cook it in. I made a valiant effort, but I will never eat eggs from a box again. I much rather cut back on other things throughout the day then have to consume styrofoam. Gross.

Tonight Andy and I are going to Panera with our friends Aaron and Kelly. Then we are going to go see One Night with the King. I've been trying to see that movie for three weeks now, things just keep coming up!

We have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of us, and for that I am glad. I have tomorrow off (as well as all Fridays), so after Bible Study and the gym in the morning, I have the rest of the day to clean and cook a nice a dinner. I'm very much looking forward to it. After reading her blog, I'm drying to make a nice roast chicken. Yum!

Saturday Andy and I are going to the Temple across the street from our church. We've been invited to take the Hebrew class they are offering. Should be interesting!

Sunday after church we have a "stuffing party" for Operation Christmas Child. A bunch of people are getting together from church to stuff and wrap boxes. Of course, we're also having a potluck dinner. I'm still not sure what I’m going to make. We are having an Italian theme, so I’m leaning toward Stuffed Shells. It's one of my favorite recipes from Cooking Light.

Well the work day is about to begin for me. Have a blessed day!

posted by Andy and Amanda Wheeler @ 10/26/2006 07:48:00 AM,


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous jackie said...

And I have to tell you, I've always rubbed down chickens and tureys with butter before roasting, plus thrown some inside with the onions. But I've been using Smart Balance Light for the past coupl eo fyears now, due to Alyssa's allergies, and the chickens come out so much more moist. I make an herb butter with the Smart Balance and rub that under the skin and into it, as well as putting any that is left into the chicken - wow! It is fantastic. And I'd think that Smart Balance Light would be good on your Weight Watchers plan as well.

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Jill said...

I've never tried Egg Beaters - when I decide to be "healthier" with eggs, I just use mostly egg whites (they're almost entirely protein) and add one whole egg for color.

My week has been... ordinary. I'm now officially signed up for the theatre program at LCC. Other than that, well - there's work (a little, anyway), classes, and coursework. Yeah. Exciting.

I think maybe I'll go see "One Night with the King" as well; I just checked and it's playing at my local cinema.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

At 6:09 AM, Anonymous brietta said...

Mmmmm.... I love stuffed shells!


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