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Andy has a new obsession. After 5 years of marriage (well almost 5), he has taken a liking to College Basketball.

I thought I was in the clear.

Help me God.

posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 3/20/2008 09:50:00 PM, ,

It came out of nowhere!

Stupid mailbox.

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Hello California

Andy's off again for work. This time to sunny California. What a punk. We're suppose to get more snow this week. More snow, more snow, more snow.........ENOUGH!

For some reason I sprang out of bed this morning, even considering the time change. It could have been because I've slept all of Friday and most of yesterday trying to get over this annoying cold. I made french toast for breakfast, and even used the fancy china! Oh how fun that is. I need to do that more often. Even if it means I have to hand wash, gasp.

Breakfast using fancy china

Andy and Molly


We watched "Rachael Ray Feeds your Pets" last night on Food Network.
Molly benefited greatly this morning.

Very sad to see him go.

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Don't Forget.....

to set your clocks ahead tonight for daylight savings time!

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Where is my brain?

Have you seen it? I'd like it back.

I have an excuse! I'm coming down with "something". I've had a sore, scratch throat for 3 days, and I feel like I have a fever today. I might die, or so it seems.

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I was at a youth leaders meeting yesterday, and we were talking about how to get teens to open up about their spiritual walk. I usually ask teens things like, "How's your walk?" or "How's your spiritual life?". Typically I get one word answers. Sometimes eyes roll.

One youth pastor who had the same problem suggested I say "Are you worshipping God like He deserves? No one should say yes for we all fall short, which would lead to great discussion. I can't wait to use it on Friday!

We should all ask ourselves that question though, shouldn't we? I printed it out and put it on my computer as a reminder.

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In the mood for a good cry? Check out this video.
99 Balloons

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King of the Smoothie

Recipe up at
I was just reading some archived posts and this one caught me funny:
March '06
Sunday we tried a new church: Faith Lighthouse Assembly of God. Still unfortunately not what we are looking for. We were the youngest people there by 30 years! I know God know's where he wants us, so I'm being patient. Next week we are going to try to The Rock Church of Portland. Hopefully that will go well.
Yeah, I'd say it went well. Two years later and now working there. Funny.

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I tossed and turned all night last night and in turn am so tired today. I hate nights like that. I chalk the insomnia up to a few different things: sleeping in on Sunday morning, new pillows, and exercising too close to bedtime.

After our teen bible study class got over yesterday afternoon Andy took a right instead of a left out of the driveway of Freaky Bean. He was on a mission to get new pillows. To me, a pillow is a pillow. I really don't care that much because I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime. Synthetic, feather, it really doesn't matter to me. Andy however is a pillow connoisseur. We spent more time than I'd like to admit in Macy's feeling, testing, smelling and groping pillows. "This one is too firm, this one is too long, Eww this one feels lumpy"... and so on and so on and so on, until finally the perfect pillow had been found. Unfortunately the perfect pillow came at a price. More than I spend on our electric bill every month. The feathers were hand selected from the elitist of geese in Switzerland however. Surely that made it worth the extra $$$. I did finally cave after we found out it was on sale. Well not technically on sale, but buy one get one free.

I posted my weekly menu at Down Home Dieting. I need appetizer ideas for a potluck. Anyone?

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New pics

on flickr.

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I woke up late, almost 9:30am. It was great.

It's been dark and snowy today. Why get out of bed? To shovel? I think not.

Roll over, go back to bed.

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