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I just got back from dropping Andy off at the bus station. He will be gone a long five days. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. Ugh. He is staying in Boston tonight and leaving on British Airways tomorrow morning (early!) for London. I miss him already.

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Memorial Day Weekend

"Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it" -Psalm 127:1

We're starting a HomeBuilders class next week through church. It should be fun!

We've have had a great weekend so far. Yesterday we got all the supplies we needed to start our garden. I started getting that ready yesterday, but I need to finish it up tomorrow so we can get the seeds planted in it. I never knew a vegetable garden could be so much work! I was able to plant my sunflower seeds by the garage though. I can barely wait until everything is in bloom!

Today was the last day that dogs are permitted on beaches before 5pm. We decided to take advantage of that, but because it was almost 85 degrees here today the beaches were packed! We didn't stay long but we did enjoy a nice picnic.

We just got back from playing mini golf at Pirates cove. Andy won of course... Then we had a nice walk down on the pier in OOB. I couldn't believe how many people were out and about. Nice weather makes all the difference in little tourist towns!

My parents moved my sister Erin into her first apartment today. What a big step for her. She starts grad school in the fall!

Well, i'm going to Aloe up my arms, I got a terrible sunburn on my shoulders and upper arms despite the fact that I used 45 SPF.

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Old Orchard Beach

We had a quick dinner tonight (cheese ravioli with meat sauce) and then we went to Old orchard beach. It's so nice to go on a weekday, no one was there! It was a little cold though and the tide was coming in. We didn't mind though.

Here is a picture of Molly with a sea shell. She loves carrying them during our walks.

Andy throwing a stick to Molly

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I just got flowers!

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Happy Anniversary!

It's our 3rd Anniversary today! I can't believe it's been that long! What a blessing. We plan on having a pretty low-key day. I was out sick yesterday with a bad sore throat and head cold, so I think we're just going to go out to dinner tonight. I haven't decided where yet, i’m so indecisive. We’ll probably end up going to the Macaroni Grill. We usually go there on our Anniversary because it’s where we had our first “date”.

I was so disappointed with American Idol last night. I wish they had chosen new songs. I tried to vote for two hours after the show with no luck. I think Taylor will still win by a landslide though. What was up with Kat’s dress? Did she jump off a dresser to get into that thing? Go up a size(or two).

The rain has finally stopped in Maine. It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend. We have no plans, which is great! Andy is leaving for a business trip to England next week. He’ll be gone for 4 days. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. We haven’t been apart even one night since we’ve been married. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with the dog :)

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It’s a foggy, rainy day out today (again). It has rained off and on for over 12 days here in Portland. I’m ready for my May flowers!

Andy and I are still trying to catch up from last weeks trip to Northern NY. It’s amazing how much 4 days of traveling can take out of you. I still have tons of laundry to do; it’s just not that appealing after a 9-hour workday.

My sister Erin is graduating with honors from SLU this weekend. She is receiving her degree in Psychology that she earned in only three years! I’m so proud of her. She is moving to Plattsburgh right after graduation to start her Masters!

Tonight we (by we I mean ME) are going to focus on cleaning the house because we are celebrating “Mother’s Day” with Andy’s Mom tomorrow. The plan is to have a lobstah cookout and then go hiking. Hopefully the weather will hold out.

I’m really looking forward to church this weekend. Our Pastor is doing a three part series on The DaVinci code. I haven’t read the book, but I have read all about the hype.

I’m secretly hoping it will rain Sunday afternoon, my Mom bought me some new stamps for scrapbooking, and I’m dying to try them out! (Thanks Mom!)

Well I should get back to work! Have a great weekend!

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Let it rain, open the floodgates of Heaven....

As a gift for Mother's Day we got a family portrait done, and of course we got sucked into buying on of the mandated "extra" poses. I think it turned out rather well. I've posted the rest of the pictures on Flickr.

What a wet weekend! It was horrible traveling on the highway in the rain, but we made it. Molly was a trooper! She usually hates to go for car rides, but she slept most of the way up and down (8 hours!).

It was so good to see Mom and Keith, my sisters, Dad & Debbie, and my grandparents. I miss them all so much.

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I can't believe Chris went home.

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We are heading to Northern, NY this Thursday! Woohoo! I can’t wait to see my family. I’m trying to make lists of all the stuff I need to bring/do before we go. It’s much more complicated now that we have the dog. We of course, are taking her with us, but that means that I have to pack all of her “stuff”, give her a bath, buy more food, etc. I’m also a little concerned, because she doesn’t do particularly well in the car. Basically she whines and cries until she falls asleep. Oh boy, what fun!

-I’m crocheting a baby blanket for our future kids (or at the rate I’m going their kids). It’s going fairly well, it is my first big project after all.

-I have seen so many ticks this year! I’m sure it’s because of the mild winter. Ugh.

-I found this website today: How cool! I used to watch that show all the time when I was kid.

-We’re surprising my mother with a family portrait for Mothers Day. It has been quite a pain organizing so many people to be free on the same day. I’ve had to switch the appointment three times.

-Andy is doing so well at his new job. He is in the process of filing his first patent. This is a huge deal! I’m so proud of him.

-American Idol is on tonight! I can hardly wait! Who’s going???

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Weekend in Review

Friday: What a busy day! I got off work early so I could run home, get the dog, and take her to the veterinarian. She had to be weighed (46.5lbs!) so I could get the proper Heartguard/Frontline medication. The second we walked in I heard a snarl, and before I knew it a big pitbull took a bite out of Molly. I actually spanked the other dog’s bottom, so he would release her (is that PC?), and she ran to me, and jumped up like she wanted me to pick her up. I did, all 46 pounds of her, as she shook wildly. Our vet came out at the knick of time, and witnessed the whole thing, so he quickly took us into the exam room. He checked her over, and found that the bite didn't break the skin. He apologized profusely, but the lady that had the pitbull didn't say a word. How rude.

I got Molly in the car (with many new treats and toys later :), and we drove to pick up Andy. He had a doctor’s appt at 4pm so he could refill all of his Allergy/Asthma medication. We are traveling up to NNY this week, and he can't survive without his inhalers! So we pulled into Binax, and no Andy. He was stuck in a meeting, ugh. I called and called his office, but no answer. I didn’t want to leave Molly in the car, because it was so hot, but I rolled down the windows, and headed for the door. I tracked Andy down (after going through security) and we actually made his appt speeding all the way!

Friday night we rushed off to Aaron and Kelly Odom’s house in Gorham. They invited us to their game night that they have on a monthly basis with people from our church. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to actually spend some time with people our own age. I made raspberry oatmeal bars the night before and they seemed to be a big hit. Our Pastor, his wife Kim and their three kids came, so it was nice visiting with them. We rounded out the night with a great game of Scategories. Andy secretly hoped for that game as he hates playing Cranium (you have to sing in front of other people).

Saturday: We were suppose to go to Salem to visit our friends Matt & Erin Jones and their new baby Olivia, but something came up with them, so we spent the day relaxing around the house. Andy and cleaned the whole house in preparation for our trip this week. I hate coming home to a dirty house!

We watched Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night. We both loved it! I want to read the book now.

Sunday: Pastor Eric gave a great sermon on Sunday. It was about choosing Right Side living. He had a way of speaking that really sinks in to our hearts. Even Andy, who has a very hard time focusing sometimes, gets a lot out of it. I’m so glad we found this church, even though I do miss Christian Renewal in Salem.

Sunday afternoon Andy took Molly for a walk on the beach. I decided to stay home and relax. Sometimes it’s nice to have a few hours to yourself.

My boss is in Paris for the whole week! Work is going to be so easy, I have already finished all of his tasks for me for the entire week and its only 10:37 AM on Monday. Woohoo! Maybe I can finish knitting that scarf this week!

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National Day of Prayer

Psalm 17:6
I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer.

I pray for the peace of Israel.
I pray for our troops overseas.
I pray for our nations leaders; President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.
I pray for hearts to open to the word of God.
I pray for an uprising in our youth.
I pray for local churches standing strong in their beliefs about homosexuality.
I pray for marriage to continue to be between one man, and one woman.
I pray for single mothers, that they will find strength in Jesus.
I pray for peace in the city of Salem.
I pray that my family will learn to trust and obey the Lord.
I pray for my sisters and brothers.

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Rain, Rain, Rain

It's cloudy, dark and raining. I don't feel like writing today, so here is a picture of a few of my sisters. I have five.

Erin, Jamie and Katie

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