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More baby pics

New pictures of Elizabeth Nicole Here!

I think i've seen this profile somewhere before

Well i'm off to take my baby to the vet!

posted by Andy and Amanda Wheeler @ 11/30/2006 03:10:00 PM, ,

My little bro

I feel horrible. I didn't call. I didn't send a gift. I totally forgot.

Happy 14th Birthday Danny!
(a BIG gift is in the mail)

I love you!

How did I miss November 28th? It's like almost December.

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Monday, Monday

Back to work. Back to the gym. Back to schedules.

Thanksgiving went well. No major disasters in the kitchen. I did stab, kill and murder the gravy however. Andy's Dad Barry was able to resuscitate.

We didn’t get up in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, but we did manage to get some good deals: $24 King size down comforter (Target) and $15 King size sheets from Kohls that were originally $100.

Saturday we went to see The King Pin Wrecking Crew and Tree63 in concert at The South Portland Church of the Nazarene. It was a pretty good show, but it went really late. Andy and I were dead tired for church on Sunday. We weren’t even able to leave right after as we agreed to help decorate for Christmas. The Davis’ chili was worth the wait though. Yum!

The Nativity Story is opening soon. Anyone going?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Little Elizabeth is out of ICU and is only on 30% oxygen now. She swallowed meconium when she was born. Stephen and Charlene are doing well under the circumstances. They finally got to hold her today and Charlene and the baby are expected to be home by Sunday.

More pictures HERE!

We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been blessed early this morning with a new neice! Andy's brother Stephen and his wife Charlene gave birth to a little girl at 1:30AM this morning - Elizabeth Nicole. Unfortunetly they had a few complications and Elizabeth is in ICU, but is expected to do fine.

Well somethings burning..... :)

posted by Andy and Amanda Wheeler @ 11/23/2006 09:19:00 AM, ,

The Partington's

Andrew, Leah and Rachel - Christmas '03

Rachel, Leah and Andrew - October '06

These are the children who I used to nanny. Haven't they grown? I'm so thankful I can "watch them grow" on their parents website. Robert and Melissa are in full time ministry in VA. They made this extensive list of morally approved children's books on their page (check under "public" if you’re interested).

It was great working with Christian parents. Their modeling of a Christian family is invaluable to me. I just wish they were closer!

In other news, The Rock Church's annual Ladies Classic Christmas is rapidly approaching. I've decided to invite my MIL. I think it will be a good relationship building time.

Well, time to start the day. Have a great one!

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Remain calm

I am ahead of the game this year. The house is clean, the groceries have been purchased, lists have been made, the menu is planned. All this to have a calm, organized Thanksgiving.

Andy's Dad Barry and his wife Cathie arrive on Wednesday night. They are bringing our new King Size bed. Hurray! We picked up the frame on Friday, and have assembled it ahead of time. We have our queen bed inside the frame for now, until the king arrives. We are so excited! Andy and I both are "rollers". I am looking forward to the space.

Andy's Mom is coming on Thursday. Luckilly she is bringing the pie. Andy is pretty particular about his apple pie. There is a big flaky vs. moist crust controvery in our house. She'll be bringing the moist.

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I'm Back

My guilty pleasure is over now. Luckilly my favorite couple won. Hurray!

Things are starting to get back to normal around here now that we are both feeling better. The laundry and dishes are calling my name, but i'm procrastinating for just one more day! Instead Andy and I are going shopping for bedding. We are getting our new King size bed next week! I am having a horrible time matching anything I like with our blue carpet though. I hate colored carpet.

I found these the other day. Aren't they cute!? They are on the menu for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I haven't even started planning yet. I'm a bit panicked - I usually have these things nailed down weeks before. Ah well, that's what this weekend is for!

Well i'm off to go shopping. We also plan on watching Cars tonight. I hear it's good. I love Netflicks.

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Feeling a bit better

I'm feeling a bit better today. I still don't have the use of two nostrils or anything, but the fever is gone - hurray!

I didn't make it to church this morning. Andy had to go by himself as he had sound booth duties. We usually both stay home when one of us is sick.

I am in love with this. It's my new favorite thing.

I just got off the phone with my MOM. She's doing much better. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her last week. She's so cute. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and she is completely done with her Christmas shopping. I didn't inherit those genes - I haven't even started.

Andy has been amazing today. While i've been napping he has been cleaning! Dishes, laundry, vacuuming... he really stepped it up today. He even brought me soup in bed!

Well the couch is calling me back. Have a wonderful night!

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So sick.

It's 5pm and i've only been up for two hours today. My nose is stuffed up and running (depending on the minute), I have a sinus headache, I cannot swallow, and i'm achy all over. Luckilly Andy is feeling much better, so he's been great at helping me today. He brings coffee and dayquil every four hours on the dot. I love him.

Well I have channels to flip through and pillows to drool on. Good night :)

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The second we got home from work Andy headed upstairs and climbed into bed. He has a full blown, runny nose, wheezing, coughing, feverish....cold. He stayed home from work yesterday, but braved the Biotech world today. That went well. I got a desperate call at three o'clock begging me to come get him. Poor Andy.

I have (so far) escaped this cold, which is unusual. We seem to always be sick together. My immune system must be in tip-top shape. I did as you know run an entire 1/4 of a mile last week. That clearly is the reason I am the picture of health today.

Speaking of being sick, I did get rather nausous today when I found out who is now controlling the Senate. Yup, that makes me really sick!

In other news, my Mom is home from the hospital. They still don't know what is wrong, but she's glad to be home. Now come the batery of tests. I wish we were closer.

posted by Andy and Amanda Wheeler @ 11/08/2006 04:47:00 PM, ,

Please Pray

I picked Andy up at three from work today. He is really sick with cold/flu like symptoms. Because of his asthma its really hard from him to breath. I put him in the guest bedroom with a humidifier. He needs a good night sleep.

In other news...My mom was admitted into the hospital today. No one really knows what is wrong yet. She had thought it was her gallbladder, but the tests came back negative. I hate being so far away. I want to be with her. Please pray for her if you think of it. Her name is Cindy.

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall make your paths straight." -Proverbs 3:5-6

posted by Andy and Amanda Wheeler @ 11/06/2006 11:02:00 PM, ,

Andy has been screaming at the TV for the last hour. Stupid football.

I'm still really tired from Friday night. Staying up all night for Superbowl was fun, but I haven't caught up on my sleep yet.

These are the two websites I visit everyday: Culinary Concoctions and Weight Watchers... oh the dichotomy.

Speaking of food, we were over at the Odom's tonight and we made two kids of pumpkin pie. One pie with fresh pumpkin and one with canned. They both came out great, although I favored the pie with canned pumpkin. Andy and Aaron played with wood in the garage. I'm glad Andy has a friend he can build stuff with.

Caren and Kelly

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Andy and chaperoned the teens at Superbowl 2006, sponsored by Word of Life this weekend. The best thing of the night, hands down - was Sumo wrestling. Read more about it here.

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