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Five more minutes

Andy: "five more minutes"

Me: OK, five more minutes

a hour and half later........

Me: Ugh. Andy. It's 8:40am

Andy: "five more...WHAT!?!

The next ten minutes is a blur. Andy runs to the shower, and I go downstairs to tend to Molly and nearly step in a puddle (can you blame her? who can wait 12 hours?). The mess is cleaned, lunch is made and breakfast is on the table. Andy exits with breakfast, leaving lunch and keys on the table. 40 seconds later Andy returns to grab keys...completely forgetting lunch.

Molly and I stare at each other until she cannot take it anymore and falls asleep in a heap in the middle of the kitchen. I start to unload the dishwasher, when the phone rings. Boss. Crap, have to take this call. All attention is focused on phone call - until I hear crash, shatter, woof. Molly was IN the dishwasher trying to lick any morsel of food off the plates when the dishwasher detaches from the wall and tilts forward (thank you little cord that hung on tight). I drop the phone and run over to put the dishwasher in an upright position and get Molly away from all of the glass. Goodbye Target bubble glasses.

I finish up with my call, and then Molly and I retreat to the couch. Clearly everything The Wheelers touch today will end in disaster. Our safe place is the couch. We will stay here and avoid tragedy. It's too stinkin' hot to anything else anyway.

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Happy Birthday Miss Molly!

Our Furbaby turns 2 today!
A softserve peanut butter ice cream cone is in her future. She looks SO excited doesn't she? Molly is not a morning dog.

Molly as a cheeky one year old

Molly as a baby

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Youth Group

After months and months of searching we think we finally found the perfect curriculum for our youth group. What do you think?

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What a summer! I don't how its possible that July is almost finished. Where does the time go?Andy and I had a packed weekend.

Friday we had youth group. We only had three kids show up so we made the snap decision to take them all mini-golfing. It was so much fun. We have great teens here at church.

Saturday, Andy went on the Men's Canoe Trip with church and I slept in. We both had a great time.

We also tried out the new 50's diner in town. Not.Good. If you've ever seen my hips you would know that I love comfort food, so I ordered the Mac n' cheese. Which for $5.99 I thought surely would be homemade. Not the case. I can make the blue box at home, thank you.

Sunday after church we had a lovely picnic at Portland Headlight and then took Molly to her favorite place on earth (besides grandma's) the dog park. We took a leisurely walk through the forest and Molly had fun splashing around in the pond.

Sunday evening we spent at our friend's the Odom's. They had a cookout with friends from church (bonus: no cooking dinner!). We had grilled hot dogs, s'mores, and fascinated ourselves with the chickens. Oh what fun!

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Typical girl

Molly looking extra pathetic on the basement stairs
Andy just left for the store and left someone behind. She hasn't moved from that step in over 1/2 an hour. She will await his return and then promptly ignore him. Maybe next time he'll remember to take her with him.

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I made my very first booty. Note that booty is not plural. That will be a project for tomorrow.

OK, so they do slightly look more like moon boots than booties, but hey it's cold in Maine.

Thanks Bev.

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New Favorite

This is the *favorite*of the moment. Erin has discarded all three previous choices and is now talking about putting a deposit down on this dress. She is "in love" with it.

It's pretty, but I think a little too fancy for an outdoor wedding.

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We took the youth group to Funtown/Splashtown this weekend. I've never been fond of rides in general, but I am especially not fond of off-the-ground type rides (ie. anything that is not the tea cups). I'm proud of myself though. I went WAY outside my comfort zone for the kids and rode this new attraction (the orange one - The Mammoth, gasp). After much coaxing I also went on the log floom. Oh. My. Gosh. I was only slightly hysterical on the way up, and the tears dried before we reached the end. Andy was positive I was going to jump out of the boat. Which believe me, I thought about during the 2 hours (roughly) we were ascending to the top - I think it shows incredible restaint that I stayed aboard.

No amount of sweet talking could get me to ride this however (I was dry heaving just watching Andy):

If you listen closely you can hear heavy sighing...that would be me.

More pictures here, video here.


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Dress shopping

My little sister is getting married. Not that one. This one. In August of next year. Like her older sister (ahem) she too has been blessed with a type A personality. Therefore wedding plans are going full speed ahead. I'm hanging on for dear life.

The preliminary dresses: Vote for your favorite.

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #2 with possible bridesmaids dresses

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Lost in Translation the deli guy in Hannaford

Me: Can I have a 1/2 lb of turkey?
Deli guy: How do you want that sliced?
Me: thin?
Deli guy: Is this OK? (holds up razor thin slice of turkey you can actually see through)
Me: Perfect
Deli guy: Anything else?
Me: Yes, could I have a 1/4lb of the Virginia Ham...and can you cut it thicker?
Deli guy: Is this good? (holds up razor thin slice)
Me: A little thicker
Deli guy: How about this? (still razor thin)
Me: How about just a tiny bit thicker
Deli guy: (mumbles something in another language).
Me: I'm sure whatever you cut will be fine.
Deli guy: Weird smile. Hands me deli meat.
Me: (Distracted by a swarm of hungry Canadians that just walked into Hannaford) I say thanks and throw Deli meat in cart.
When I get home this is what I find:

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Someone missed a meeting.

It seems that when pope Benedict went back to communicating in Latin, he thought the rest of us would stop listening. Silly Pope.

I want to send him a copy of our Pastor's Sunday sermon. After reading the article, it’s obvious he needs to take a second look at the path he is taking and make a corrective change in his direction NOW.

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Home on the Range

We are finally home. 10+ hours in the car today, 20+ in three days. We are sun burnt, tired, and we smell funny.

I miss you high speed Internet. Mwah. My parents are using a free dial-up service - gasp. It's good to be back!

More later, but for now - some favorite pictures from a very packed weekend:

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Getting ready to go

T minus 20 hours until we pull out of the driveway in our little green car headed for NNY.

Andy is tending to the car this very moment. He just left to get an oil change and replenish the Freon (something to do with air conditioning).

Molly is doing her part by laying on the air mattress we are trying to deflate, so we can use it again in NY. She's such a trooper.

I have a load of dishes going, a load (1 of many) of laundry going, and I'm folding clothes while typing. A lot still needs to be done before we leave!

.....and we got new cell phones (Andy's is blue) yesterday. Hurray! If you didn't get the e-mail with our new numbers on it. E-mail me and I will send it to you.

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Unorganized thoughts....

- I made strawberry shortcake last night. I used this recipe - it was low-cal and delicious. (I omitted the butter, used Healthy Start Bisquick and Fat Free cool whip).

- Andy's parents are coming tonight. They are flying out to VA early tomorrow morning to see Elizabeth get dedicated.

- My mother's 50th birthday party is on Sunday, and I'm still not done with her scrapbook. Panic is starting to set in.

- My little sister Katie is moving down to Georgia with her husband on Saturday. I haven't wrapped my brain around that one yet - I still think of her as 14 years old.

- Andy may have to fly to London in August. I'm a little unsettled about that considering the news of late.

- I've been watching old Kate & Allie reruns on WE this week. Anyone remember that show? I remember when that show was considered "liberal".

- This is my new favorite lean cuisine. Yum!

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Weekend Rewind

We had a great weekend. Friday we took the youth group to the beach and it was fabulous. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time.

Saturday was Honor our Heroes. Aside from getting burnt to a crisp (this is useless BTW) the day went off without a hitch. We got to church around 8am and setup. The event was from 1-3, and we were home by 6. It was a whirlwind.

I got the privilege of taking pictures. You can see some of them here. The rest are here:

My favorite part of the day though was watching Kelly get dunked in the dunk tank. I got it on video, but missed the grand finale. Channel 6 news didn't though!!!!!! The water was really cold from what I hear. Poor Kelly.

My husband on the other hand would have loved a jaunt in the dunk tank. He was dressed up as "Rover the dog" all day. He boiled.

Whew. He has never looked better.


Honor Our Heroes 2007 Rock Church Video (takes a few min to download, but totally work the wait!)

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