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Wedding Collage, check.

Ok, so I couldn't choose between the 6 I enlarged all of them.

Enlarging was quite a process. I took them to Wal-mart, only to be told that I was not allowed to purchase them. Yes that's right, not allowed. Last Thursday, I burned the 6 black and white pictures I couldn't decide between onto a disk and dropped them off at the photo center at Wal-Mart. I was sinfully happy at the thought of getting two things done at once as our Wal-Mart is also a grocery store. Exactly one hour later I had a grocery cart heaping full and I returned to the photo center to pick up my prints. I was confronted by the photo manager as soon as I said “pickup for Wheeler”. Apparently they are not allowed to print any photos that “appear professional” due to copyright laws. I questioned what constitutes photos as “professional” and the man retorted rather sharply any photo that is taken by a photographer. Okay this is the part where I should have just walked away…. I announced victoriously that a professional photographer did not take these photos, that it in fact was a family member. Problem solved. Give me my photos! (which by the way were already printed – I got to see them first, before they told me I could not buy them).

Well Leroy (the man behind the counter) was not about to budge. Since I had no proof my photos were not taken by a professional photographer (although don’t professionals have watermarks in the photo that prevent reproduction?) he was not about to “risk being fired” by letting me purchase what to him appeared to be copyrighted photos. Sigh.

It may have been the long week I just had endured, it might have been PMS, it might have been because the Weight Watchers ice cream in perfect proportioned cartons I was about to purchase was melting in my overloaded cart…It might have been a lot of things, but I felt defeated. So I began to sob. In Wal-Mart. Leroy, being a seasoned Wal-Mart photo center manager took my tears in stride as if he saw that sort of thing everyday. With compassion he shredded the 6 photos I wasn't allowed to purchase and I left, crying.

I called Andy when I got to the car. I was soaking wet from tears and rain (it ALWAYS rains when I go grocery shopping). He listened to me sob, and suggested I try Target.

Ah, Target. The Land of Promise. As you can see below...Target delieverd. Earl the nice gentlman behind the counter at Target not only printed my 6 pictures, but did it in 1/2 an hour and gave me a coupon. Target good.

I also bought these at Target. We consolidated down to one dresser so I've been on the hunt for cute linen bins. I found these! Cute, right?

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All day Saturday we helped move a guy from church. He is a Hurricane Katrina survivor that has been living in a hotel room here in Maine for about three months. He was finally placed in a permanent apartment this week, but didn't have much stuff having lost everything in the storm including his wife and young daughter. It took us all day to get him settled. Many people from our church rallied together and donated furniture, linens and gift cards to local grocery stores to get Casey and his little service dog Earl started again. I was really proud of Andy. He gave up his Saturday "the only day he gets to sleep in" and he helped Casey with his whole heart. He moved furniture, hooked up our old TV/DVD/VCR system, hung pictures and bought tons of groceries. Casey was very blessed and we were blessed through giving.

Casey and his service dog Earl

Sunday, Andy was busy playing Rover for Family Worship Sunday and I was busy getting ready for the baby shower that was scheduled after church. Both went off without a hitch.

I hurt my back this weekend, so I stayed home from work today to rest (as well as catch up on the laundry). We have another busy couple weeks ahead as Easter is on the horizon. It's an exciting time to work for the Kingdom!

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I'm working on a wedding collage for our bedroom. I found these great black and white frames at The Christmas Tree Shop for only $1.50 each! What a bargin. I bought four and can't decide between 6 pictures. Help! I uploaded them to flickr.

This is my favorite:

This is going to be the busiest weekend. We have a baby shower at church on Sunday, which I planned, its Family Worship Sunday, we have a leadership class, and we are helping this guy move from our church. I'm going to need a vacation.

Have you seen these? We're making a homemade variety and giving them away at church this weekend. I wish we had these when I was growing up.

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I'm heading into a somewhat overwhelming week. Lots of events are planned and are coming fast. It's easy to lose focus, but He restores my soul. (Psalm 23:3).

I'm reading an amazing book: Praying the Names of Jesus

I put more crafty photos up. My big accomplishment of the weekend was crocheting a dishcloth.

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Stupid snow.

:: We got about 6" of snow last night. Very unwelcome snow in my opinion. We had to cancel youth group last night, Andy was very disappointed. We had a really cool lesson planned. C'est la vie - maybe next week.

:: Titus 2 was also cancelled this morning. I was very much looking forward to learning how to knit something other than a straight line. Hopefully that class will be rescheduled as well.

:: My sister Becky is recovering at home with her daughter Jaslyn and her new son Lucas. I've been praying for her all week. Her husband Chris was unable to make the birth as he is training in SC for three months (they new this ahead of time). He is "border patrol". I think she's having a much harder time dealing with it now that the baby has come though. Luckilly, she is staying with my Dad and she does have a lot of help. More pictures here.

:: We watched The Holiday last night. What a cute little movie. I loved it! It was a little corny in parts, but sometimes corny is good.

:: I'm going to try to make these today. Aren't they so cute?

:: Oh yeah, happy St. Patricks Day...

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I'm an auntie again.

My sister Becky gave birth to a lovely baby boy tonight!

[Jamie (another sister) holding Lucas]

They named him: Lucas Christopher

7lbs, 8oz

21 inches

American Idol is almost on. I can't wait for tonight! Go Melinda.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

:: Did everyone remember to spring forward this morning? We didn't which is amazing because I typed reminders for people in the church bulletin for the last three weeks, but couldn't remind myself. Oh well. Andy and I enjoyed the extra rest.

:: My laptop is on the fritz so I'm forced to use the big PC in the basement. Boo.

:: I've been making photo CD's this afternoon. We have so many digital pictures on this computer that I want to have a copy just in case it decides to explode.

:: While looking through the pictures I came across old pictures of Rachel and Andrew (the children I used to Nanny for). We had so many fun times together. Rachel shares my love of drawing. I've uploaded some of the "creations" we made over the years. Oh, what fun. I really miss nannying.

:: Andrew was madly in love with trains, particularly Percy, a green train in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. One afternoon I made "Percy pancakes" for him - he was thrilled to say the least. Andy just doesn’t get as excited over unusually colored food.

:: Well the clock says 7:08, but its still sunny outside. I guess I should made dinner? I hate time change.

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Laundry is rolling around in the dryer. Dishes are being washed. Fresh bread is being baked in the oven. Today has been productive.

I have a church friend coming over for an early dinner today. Followed by 7 teenagers in the evening. Youth group has moved to "The Wheelers" for a special movie night. We are watching Narnia (again for some)!

This afternoon I hope to finish this book. I've been muddling through it for the past few weeks. Very eye opening. I think Andy will be relieve when I'm done. He's getting a little annoyed with me asking him "really, is that how you think?!"

I've been busy making cards in the last few days. Check them out!

Molly and I had a photo shoot this morning. Enjoy!

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Guess the Baby

I'm planning a baby shower at the end of the month for a girl at our church. We're going to be playing "Guess the Baby". Can you guess who this cute girl is?

Me at 1 1/2
My Mom made that little outfit. Isn't it cute?

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This and That

:: Andy and I spent some time last weekend looking after our friend’s baby. The next day Andy announced that we need to sit down and make a budget in preparation for TTC this summer. He is a very tactile person. In comparison, making a budget to me is equivalent to buying a crib. We get excited about very different things.

:: It was 1 degree when I drove into work this morning. I went out at noon and it had warmed up to a steamy 7 degrees. I’m ready for April showers to bring May flowers.

:: Isn’t this cute!

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I got up early this morning and took the dog for a walk. I love the first part of morning. We walked around the yard and a little way up the icy street. Much to my surprise, upon our return I saw the pair of cardinals that visited us for a few weeks last summer. I hadn't seen them since…..until today. They are my absolute favorite bird. I like the pretend they are married, because they are always together and always squawking. Their red fur looked amazing against the newly fallen snow. I wish I had the camera.

Speaking of red…strawberry crepes are in the works for breakfast! Andy is still sleeping, so I hope to surprise him.

We watched World Trade Center last night. I had a hard time getting through it. It was well done and not political which was a relief. Our Pastor is doing a sermon series on the film (I have the inside track) so I wanted to watch it before Sunday. Let’s all hold our loved ones tighter today! :)

Andy and I get to watch little Elliot tonight while Aaron and Kelly enjoy a night out. I can’t wait!

Have a restful, wonderful Saturday!

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