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Speaking of modesty....did anyone see what Paula was wearing on Idol tonight?


posted by Amanda Wheeler @ 4/25/2007 08:05:00 PM, ,

Back in the day

No one liked the dress (below) that I picked out. So we're back to square one, sigh. It's going to be a long summer!

Last night I was sifting through pictures and found this one on the left. It's one of my all time favorites. Katie is on the left, then Jasper and Erin. We had so much fun together when we were kids. What's really amazing to me, is that this picture was only taken 10 years ago. So much has changed since then!

Sunday after church I'm leading a scrapbooking class. I am so unprepared. Being sick for almost two weeks has put me very behind in everything. I'm still catching up on laundry and phone calls, and now I'm trying to put together this class.

It's been so warm the last few days that today feels cold and it's 60 degrees out!

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Opinions Please....

I have two sisters getting married this year (well, one is technically already married - but that's a story for another day). Anyway - I have been crowned MOH for both weddings. I'm having no problems with my older sister as she and I have similar tastes. However, my younger sister and I cannot agree on a bridesmaids dress. She prefers things a little less modest (think...walking down the isle in a bathtowel..washcloth?). She fell in love with this lowcut backless number, I promptly vetoed (I really don't know where I could get my hands on the amount of spandex I would require to get everything sucked, tucked, etc). This is my more sensible solution. What do you think (well this dress, but imagine in it in apple red - I chose this one, because her wedding dress is also embroidered).

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Peep, peep!

Spring is finally here. Andy and I layed down to sleep yesterday morning and heard for the first time this year...peep, peep, peep! The peepers are back. Hurray!

We went to sleep yesterday morning because we had the youth group lock-in Friday night. It was probably not the wisest move on my part to stay up all night after having pneumonia, but we had a great time. My favorite activity was glow stick volleyball. Basically it's indoor volleyball at night. The glow sticks in the middle of the balloon are the only light in the room. It's wicked fun. I don't have any pictures of glow stick volleyball itself, because, well it was rather dark -but I did take some throughout the night. You can see them HERE.

Yesterday was a complete wash, so today I have to clean and go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on a Sunday is never a good idea.

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Erin and Frank - Christmas 2006

My little sister (2nd in line) just got engaged! She was "pre" engaged, but this is the real deal Holyfield. I'm so happy for her! She calls every night and we talk about colors, venues, dresses, etc...I am so thankful for each minute. The date has been set for August 16th of 2008. As Matron (old married farts cannot be maids) of Honor I am in serious talks with myself about a cool bridal shower. I want it to be very Martha, but on a Kmart budget.

In other news, I have been cleared to go back to work tomorrow. Hurray! I thought I would love the little break, but its really no fun at all when you are in the bed the whole time. Our house should have caution tape around it its so dirty, but that's what weekends are for.

Well, i'm off to take a nap. Although feeling better, i'm having a horrible time getting any sleep. I cough almost constantly when laying down (err...and standing up) and nothing has seemed to work. For some reason its much, MUCH worse at night, so i've been saying up (not because I want to) until 2, 3, 4am and then sleeping during the day. Hopefully this shall pass soon!

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Mostly dead

I have pneumonia.

Andy was sure I was just being a hypochondriac, like usual...but even he was suspicious after the 103 degree fevers didn't break. Lucky for me, my husband works in infectious disease so he was able to bring home a test to see if I had pneumonia or if I was just being a whinny baby (even I was sure of the later). The test came back positive. I peed in a cup, he swabbed the sample and inserted it into the test thingy (can you guess who owns the right brain in this pair?) and our relationship grew to a deeper level.

I went into work this morning for literally a few minutes. I have missed two days of work in a row and the office was in disarray...well for a type A personality anyway. I threw two trash bins full of Oriental Trading Company catalogs away, found my desk, checked my e-mail and printed the bulletin. It was the most exhausted I've felt in days. It is also the most time I've spent vertical in three days. I really, really need to vacuum my ceiling fan. Gross.

After that grueling work, I went to the doctors so I could pay them to tell me what I already knew (and so they could write me a prescription). The doctor offered me a prescription of Vicodin for the pain. I politely declined and asked for something a little less potent...cough syrup maybe?

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I'm really sick. I've gone through two boxes of tissues in less than 15 hours and cannot break this 102 degree temperature. I went to bed last night from 4:00-6:30pm, and then 9:00pm-9:40am. My prayer last night was just for the use of one nostril... just one!

When I came down the stairs this morning. This is what I found:

Apparently someone was a little mad I stayed in bed this morning.

Maybe she feels guilt on the inside.

Well- i'm off to bed.

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Happy Easter!

We had a nice relaxing Easter this year. We had the Good Friday Service and then Andy's Mom came down on Saturday.

Sunday we picked up Casey and Earl for church and then enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. Andy and I compromised on the ham. I made pot roast, HAM and scalloped potatoes, corn and bread. Delicious. Then we watched Charlottes Web. One of my all time favorite children's books. I only got to "some pig" before I fell into a deep sleep.

Can anyone recommend a good book on Intercessory prayer?

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Good Friday

We participated in a Good Friday Service at church last night. We started off with a potluck dinner. Andy didn't have much "luck". It's hard to be pleased when you hate all casseroles and lasagna. He was very happy with the dessert selection however. Here he is with heart shaped pineapple. Hehehe.

After dinner we had communion, a short service and then we all watched Passion of the Christ. I got to watch Elliot while his parents were downstairs coloring Easter eggs with the children. I really can't sit through that movie, so I was happy for the distraction.

Andy is still sleeping. He stayed up almost all night trying to fix a computer for a girl at church. I could choke him, because his mother is coming today and we have errands to run before she gets here. Men.

Well i'm off to fold laundry, mop and vacuum. Fun, fun.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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What a difference a day makes!

We got 16" of new snow last night. Heavy, wet snow. Buttercream frosting snow. Up until then we only had a tiny patch left in the backyard. Frankly I've had enough of winter. Andy I drove to work this morning on very icy, snow covered roads. I dropped Andy off, and then eventually drove back home. No one plowed out the driveway at work and I couldn't park on the street because of the parking ban, which a friendly cop reminded me of as soon as I parked and contemplated what I should do.

Molly was more than happy of my early return. We had fun in the snow today. Check out the video. She's 14" "tall", so the 16" + drifts were quite high for her to travel through.

Somebody does not want to come inside (although 5 minutes later has found her fast asleep on the couch. Whew, what a workout).



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Just say no to the burrito

Ok, I'm officially sick of Mexican food. For the last two months (maybe longer?) I've been obsessed with all things spicy (tacos, enchiladas, get the drift). I made shredded pork last night in the crock pot so I could make enchilada's for tonight's dinner. The meal turned out wonderful but Andy and I both agreed we are on a mandatory 1 month detox from Mexican food. He made that decision after the dog started to bark in Spanish. Woof senor.

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I have a heavy heart today. My baby sister got married yesterday to her fiancé of two months. I haven’t even seen her engagement ring and she’s already married!

Ed, my new BIL joined the Navy last year and is leaving next week on his first trip out to sea. They wanted to get married before he left so they exchanged vows in my parent’s living room yesterday with a Justice of the Peace officiating. They plan to have a “church” wedding sometime in August.

Where does God fit in to this marriage? Please pray for the salvation of my sister Katie and well, the rest of my family. I’ve tried to witness to them, but I’m only labeled as “judgmental”. I sometimes wonder if that is why God led me to Andy (who was out of the state at the time). Maybe he wanted me to have a chance to grow in maturity without the constant temptation to try to fit in with my family. It’s been really hard separating myself from the people I love most in the world.

In other news….Andy and I have been working on reformatting our Youth Group here at church. I’m really excited about the new structure. So far we have a Lock-in, Camping Trip, Worship Concert and 30 Hour Famine weekend planned. I’m getting excited to see what God is going to with our church!

I’ve been trying to throw something together for Easter Dinner. Andy’s Mom is coming on Saturday. She has a very limited diet, and Andy is an infamous picky eater. I grew up eating ham on Easter, “because that’s what people do”. Andy detests ham. I’m sick of turkey. What’s left? I’m thinking maybe a Roast Beef, but I have never in my life cooked such a thing and question whether or not it would be a good idea to try it for the first time on Easter. I’m not sure what do to. I do know however that these WILL be on the menu: scalloped potatoes, homemade rolls, and fat free chocolate pudding pie. I love Easter. It’s my favorite holiday.

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