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We pulled into the driveway at 4pm last night. Considering we left at 5am - it was not good time. We left in ice and snow and dealt with it up until Worcester. I can't believe it's still bare in Maine. I'm thankful for that!

I am back at work today rushing around getting the bulletins done for Sunday, and Progressive Dinner plans sorted out. The furnace here at church is on the fritz, so when I came in this morning my office was covered in soot and it was 45 degrees in the place. Thank you Lord for electric heaters!

I plan on leaving early to finish up Christmas shopping (yes I know its the 28th). Andy's Mom is coming this weekend to have "2nd Christmas" as she is in Virginia now visiting with Andy's brother Stephen and her new grandaughter Elizabeth. It hasn't been the best of times for her though, Elizabeth was readmitted to the hospital again yesterday. She has not gained an ounce of weight in the entire month of her life. I'm worried about that little girl.

I'm working on my menu for the Progressive Dinner we are having this weekend for church. Andy and I are in charge of Soup and Salad. I'll let you know what we come up with. So far: Lots and lots of Panera bread!

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The Wheelers
Top: Eddie, Frank & Andy - Bottom: Katie, Erin & Me
Eddie and Katie

My favorite gift: homemade table mats and a runner, made by Mom

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We have arrived. Molly whinned the entire 7 hours.
We only get internet in the bathroom of the hotel - I thought everyone would like that visual :)

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Erica's visit

My BFF Erica came to visit tonight! I haven't seen her in forever! Here are a few pictures.... I have to go pack - we leave at 5:00am. Merry Christmas!
Erica and me at Pat's


Erica and Me in front of the tree


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6 Days 'till Christmas

Anyone know how to mail merge postcards in Publisher without them coming out 4 of the same address per page? I'm pulling my hair out here.

I've had a bug lately. I went to bed at 7:30 last night, and woke up when Andy came up at 10pm. He went to hug me and I flung my arm around and knocked the GRAPE juice out of his hand. So much for my new white down comforter. We stayed up scrubbing for over an hour. No only did it get all over my comforter, but it also spilled all over the rug, sheets and bed skirt. I did laundry at 11pm and have enacted a new rule: Non-clear liquid is banned from the upstairs. Poor Andy.

Tonight we are going to Panera for dinner and then we are finishing up our Christmas shopping. Wednesday night I plan on frantically wrapping, packing and cleaning the house because we have a visitor coming on Thurday night, my BFF from home Erica! Hurray! She lives in TN, so I haven't seen her since my wedding in 2003. Should be good fun, although I'm a little worried I'm not going to get enough sleep. We (Andy, dog, I) are leaving for Christmas in NNY on Friday morning at 5AM. Oye.

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Today was a long day. I don't work on Fridays, so this morning after I dropped Andy off at work, I did some Christmas shopping. I've been putting it off because I hate how crowded the stores are, but we're down to the wire now. I got some really cute things at the Christmas Tree Shop for my neice and nephew. I just love a bargain!

My women's bible study group had lunch today at Flatbread in Portland. The resturaunt was a little nutty crunchy (think burts bees, and knitting your own socks!). The food was organic and expensive, but the company was worth it. We exchanged gifts - I got some Lindt chocolates, a back massager and some calming gum. Good stuff!

After lunch I rushed home to get ready for Andy's company Holiday Party. I picked Andy up with a change of clothes in tow. He has this thing about changing in public places (what did his mother do to him?), so we drove to church and he got changed. We arrived a cool 15 minutes early and were the only people sitting in the Casco Bay room at the Marriot for over a half-hour. We did get first dibs on the h'orderves though. The early bird gets the stuffed mushrooms. The food was very fattening and delicious...I did break down and have a sliver of cheesecake. So good.

The rest of the evening Andy and I mingled a bit around the room and then we sat and watched people dance. Can I just say- people with the science degrees have no business being on the dance floor. Ever. There was a lot of wiggling and uncomforatble swaying going on in addition to the ever popular "running man" from the 80s and "the watermellon".

Luckilly after 4 hours of free fun Andy announced he was ready to go.

Now, Sleep.

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Mid Week Ramble

Yesterday I brought my crock pot into work and slow cooked a pot roast all day long. It smelled delicious in here all day and dinner was ready the second we got home. How lovely. Andy was more than pleased. He doesn't usually get such things on a weeknight.

There was nothing on TV last night, and I was thankful for that. Andy and I played board games and we had a great time! Molly hasn't been feeling well (vet thinks flu) so we carried her up to our king size bed where she napped very happilly and Andy and I played Phase 10. Oh what fun!

We still haven't gotten our Christmas tree. It's making me a little depressed. I know we have to leave it up much longer this year because we're going to NY for Christmas, but I'm ready! I think i'm going to drag Andy out tonight.

The Christmas season is a busy time here at church, wow! I feel like i've been on the phone for 2 days straight! Well, I better get to work. I'm making outreach postcards today!

Have a blessed day!

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Sunday Night

We just got back from seeing The Nativity Story. We were suppose to go with people from church but one couple called in sick and no one else showed up! We still had fun though. The film was great for the most part. Andy and I agreed that the "angel" was a little creepy. He looked like bum.

Saturday we had the Bickford's over for dinner and a movie. Laura's husband is in Bosnia so she and her three girls are alone for the month. Andy and I (mostly I) made prochiotto stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and bruschetta. Then we all watched Ice Age2. Molly was really bad all night. The girls got her all riled up, and then their was no settling her down.

Friday was the Ladies Christmas dinner at church. It was a blast. Here are a few pictures:

Kelly and me

My MIL Linda, she won a santa - one of the many door prizes of the evening. I won a free haircut and foils at Voila salon. What color should I go?

More here and here.

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Please pray

Little Elizabeth tested positive for PKU today. They are doing a second test tomorrow, but everyone is very upset as expected. Please keep Stephen and Charlene in your prayers.

My Mom broke her foot yesterday. She is testing for her black belt in karate and broke it sparing. The good news is that she is off for the next three weeks. She very much needs this rest from nursing.

I have a pinched sciatic nerve. I heard something pop at the gym a few days ago and i've been in agony ever since. I'm going to try to get into the chriropracter tomorrow.

I made these tonight. Delicious.

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The first snow

We got our first snow today in Maine. Thankfully, it's already gone. I'm hoping it will hold out until after our 9-hour trek to the north country for Christmas. One can hope.

We had a really busy weekend! Friday we did some Christmas shopping, which turned into shopping for stuff for the house as well. Andy's find of the day was a plush mattress pad for 60% off at Kohls. I can't really tell the difference, but it makes him happy! We ended up going to Panera for dinner and then rented You, Me and Dupree.

Saturday we headed up to Freeport to go to L.L. Bean. The town looked great decorated for Christmas. They had horse drawn buggy rides and hot chocolate. It was very picturesque. Well up until the point we couldn't find a parking spot. 45 minutes later... It was worth it though! We are almost done Christmas shopping. Hurray!

Sunday was our Family Worship Sunday Christmas Celebration at church. Andy and I were there from 8am to 3pm. It was exhausting! Later in the evening we went over to the Odom's for dinner. They made the most delicious pot roast and vegetables (Andy's favorite) and then we made gingerbread houses.

The Wheeler's South Central Gingerbread House

The Odom's Uppereast Side Estate de là Gingèr

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