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Mission mostly accomplished...

I think I’m getting the hang of this new blog site. Thanks to Jackie (thanks Jackie!) it took me only 1:45 minutes to get my links up and running. I like the look of this site better than xanga, but I’ll admit, its a bit more complex.

Anyway... the weekend.

I have the window open in my office, and the spring is beckoning me. I want to go outside so badly. It's hard to get excited about spreadsheets when its 60 degrees.

Aside from watching Chicken Little tonight, which Andy is more than excited about, we have no plans for the weekend. We are continuing on with our Church search 2006. This week: Portland Vineyard. I hope it's good!

I've started doing devotions at work now. So I’m off to do them.

Have a great weekend!

[Side note]: anyone have any experience with digital scrapbooking?

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How do you....

Change the layout? Not using a premade layout?

Add friends?

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I'm new at this...

I'm new, I was an xanga world.. I'm trying something new and it's confusing!

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Monday, Monday....

This past weekend was pretty good. Andy and I are both itching for warm weather to get here. Saturday it was 50 degrees and we made the most of the day. We got up early and I made omelets. Yum, right? Then we took Molly back to Ferry Beach State park. This time we were able to go on the trails as they weren't muddy. We took a nice long walk through the woods. It was a little chilly, but you couldn't beat the scenery. After our walk we decided to go across the street to the beach. They're were tons of people out in the water digging for clams. It looked fun but cold.
Saturday night Andy took me out to dinner at Eggspectations. It was a really fun place, and the food was so good!
Sunday we tried a new church: Faith Lighthouse Assembly of God. Still unfortunately not what we are looking for. We were the youngest people there by 30 years! I know God know's where he wants us, so I'm being patient. Next week we are going to try to The Rock Church of Portland. Hopefully that will go well.
I made homemade lasagne for dinner last night. Not Andy's favorite meal, but one I've been missing. Andy really doesn't care for anything with tomato sauce in it. So that's a bit of a challenge. I felt really bad though because he's had an upset stomach since last night. Looks like we won't me making that again for a while.
Next weekend we are going up to Bangor, ME to help Andy's Dad and his girlfriend move into their newly built house. It's going to be very uncomfortable because Andy doesn't have a great relationship with the girlfriend. She used to be Andy's step-mother and then they divorced, his Dad got remarried, then divorced again (with his 3rd wife) and is now back together with his 2nd. Confused? Me too. I am however glad that at the very least he will be able to get to spend some time with his Dad. They have a very strained relationship.
My sister Katie is going through a very hard time right now. She makes me so worried. I find that I pray for her many times during the day, which is what she needs most right now. All in the last week, she broke things off with her fiance, got into a bad car accident, and moved back home with my parents. Luckily she is doing OK, but she's got a long road ahead. I really want her to move to Maine for awhile. I want her to go to church with us and reconnect with God. I'm not so sure that will happen with her living at home, but if God wants it to then it will.
I don't have anything to do at work today, but I have to stay in case someone calls. I'm going to start bringing my bible, so I can do long uninterrupted devotions in the afternoon. How lovely does that sound?

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